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Welcome to Trading-exhibition Internet centre "Goods and services at home"

Basically, our website aligns big amount of internet-shops selling products and providing services in different cities.

Customers Information:

You will be able to order products or services with courier delivery to your home or office from organizations in your town that are presented on our website. Now you won't have to spend much time looking for certain products or services in your town on the Internet!

To place order, chose your location from "City-listings" on the left side of website. If your town can not be found in "City-listings", don't be upset! Perhaps no organization or entrepreneur requested to place their products or services on our website yet. Maybe they just don't know about us?

Information for business:

We offer you to open your very own internet shop for your city, so customers can not only order products and (or) services from website with courier delivery, but also come by themselves to your shop on their way back home and collect previously made order in person.

In addition to that, if you open your internet-shop at our website, you will get very good advertisement of your store in your city on the Internet. Also, you will be able to add information about your products and (or) services on required language. That means that your client database will grow with foreigners that living in your Country and tourists!

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